Face Cabos e Chicotes Importação e Exportação is a company specialized in the assembly of special cables and whips for our clients' specific electro-electronic equipments.

     With know-how of more then 30 years we are able to to aid our clients in the whole lifecycle of their electro-electronic equipments, from design to production, development or project nationalization, always under an strict code confidentiality and conduct.

     With an special focus on quality, we invest in the research of high quality components, national and imported, with suppliers that can guarantee traceability and punctuality in delivery. This allowed us to assist our clients with their projects targeting brazilian and international markets alike.


Cabos e Chicotes


Given our 30 years know-how, quality and flexibilty aiding our clients in development, nationalization and assemblage of their own electro-electronic equipments, we have a broad spectrum of market segments we've being working with: 


  • Bank Automation

  • Comercial Automation

  • Industrial Automation

  • Automotive Indutry

  • Telephony

  • Medical & Hospital Equipment

  • Cassino Machines

  • Security Safes

  • House Appliances

  • ATMs

  • Food & Beverage Machines

  • Toys